Sending and delivering goods is just one part of the service we offer at Cytex Express Couriers. Sometimes you also need a place to store your goods. Not everyone has the capacity to store their inventory and efficiently distribute it to buyers and customers around the country. You simply may not have the physical capability to achieve the scale of distribution needed for your growing business. That's where we come into play. We've developed our storage and distribution solution to meet that need. We have a range of facilities and locations around the country that enable you to safely and securely store your goods. This allows us to also provide you with a quick and efficient distribution channel where you can get orders out to customers with minimal fuss. When distributing your goods to points around the country we also apply the latest technology to ensure you're always aware where your goods are heading. We are able to provide you with real-time tracking of all vehicles to let you know precisely at any given moment where your goods are and when they will be delivered. This gives you security and peace of mind knowing you still have full control over your goods and distribution.

Whatever industry sector you operate in Cytex Express provides dedicated & shared Warehousing & Distribution Operations to ensure that you deliver your service promise to your customers. We also provide a range of value added services that can improve the efficiency & responsiveness of your supply chain even further. By understanding your issues & anticipating your business & logistics need, Our experts provide robust solutions that will drive value for your business. Cytex Express offers warehousing services for its clients, which allows easy access to process orders and distribute products quickly & cost effective. Our warehouses are well laid out, staffed with rich experience, supported by the latest inventory management practices, round the clock security, and specialized storage system. We can also specially design our warehouse as per the cliental requirements to handle large volumes. We are well equipped to cater all type of industries. Cytex Express offers a wide range of storage options based on your needs. Our storage solutions offer enough space to store your office and household goods. We can also accommodate pallet size goods, crates and bulk items in a secure environment that is monitored at all times. For all your small or binned items we can store and manage them through our micro storage system. The best part is no matter what your household or business requirement for storage may be Cytex Express offers short-term storage rates. This means that customers pay for the exact space and time storage is required for. If you opt for storage for a long term basis we will offer various discount tier depending term of storage! Many small companies and sole traders find their success is hampered by the restriction on how much stock they can store and control. Operating from small premises, or even from home, means there never seems to be enough room to cope with a growing business.

Paper, publishing, printing and packaging, food and beverage, rubber and plastic, industrial and construction, manufacturing, machinery and equipment, fabricated products, office furniture, distribution, textiles, medical health and precision instruments, wholesale, retail and consumer goods, hotels and restaurants, computer, electronic goods, music and toys & education……and others.

Courier Logistics can track your goods using state of the art technology. Our warehousing system offers a full audit trail which enables us to check the status of your pallets at all times. We operate a dedicated security patrol which is supported by movement triggers captured by our up to date CCTV system. In the event that the system is activated, an automatic message is sent directly to our security control centre, along with footage to enable immediate action to be taken if required. Security of your goods is very important to us and we believe this system allows us to react to any situation in the quickest possible time.
Whether you are looking for companies that can provide storage and distribution services or you are a company that supplies storage and distribution services; Cytex Express Courier is here to help you. Cytex Express is dedicated to all storage and distribution requirements. If you are outsourcing your logistics requirements, please use our search facilities on the left to help you find appropriate storage and distribution companies. If you are a logistics company offering storage and distribution related services, then please register with us.

Businesses are required to keep their business records for at least 7 years, but not every business has enough space to store all important documents. Our Archive Storage Service offers a long term storage solution in a secure, alarmed and dry warehouse. To further protect all documents we can palletise and shrink-wrap them. You can access your documents on site, or you can arrange with us to get documents delivered to your office when needed. This distribution service is perfect for you when you have several goods to be posted to different locations, but delivery is not urgent. Cytex Express Couriers will pick up the items, temporarily store them in our secure warehouse and deliver them to their destination with one of the next available, scheduled transports. This way we can keep delivery cost for our clients down, but can guarantee the same quality of service. An ideal solution for companies looking to store spare parts, machinery, technical components on a short, mid or long term basis. Cytex Express Couriers will store everything in a secure, alarmed warehouse, giving clients access to their parts when needed. Immediate or scheduled delivery of those stored goods to an agreed location (such as a building site or a manufacturing plant) can be arranged. On site delivery saves time and allows you to get the job done more efficiently. Prices vary by size of stored goods.

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