Not all deliveries are time critical. Perhaps you've planned well ahead and you don't need a same day service. As they say, 'time is on your side'. We also provide you with a flexible option of a 'part load'. A part load combines your delivery with another delivery that's heading in the same direction. The benefits of a part load are that it still gets to your destination but comes in at an even more cost-effective price as we combine a number of orders for efficiency. It's almost as good as next day delivery, perhaps in some ways even better. As long as you have the ability to plan ahead and let us know then our part load option might just become your favourite kind of service. We also have a backload option. When a delivery vehicle goes out it also has to come back to base. But coming back empty is a waste of space and simply, inefficient. We offer a backload service where you can utilize our returning vehicles at a far lower cost than perhaps you'd otherwise have to pay. To get more information and to see if we can provide a backload service to you, give us a call and we'll tailor a solution to your delivery needs. We can offer a part load service from anywhere in the world, our depot is in International but we have a network of drivers throughout the world.

At Cytex Express Services we carry out America and European part loads, return loads and back loads. Whether you are moving a single item or a larger load we can offer a cost-effective small loads solution at excellent value for money. We operate a two-man parcel delivery services throughout the world every day of the week, so we are able to utilise the unused space on our vehicles between any parts of the world. This part load service combines other client's loads and orders to fill our large vehicles resulting in a more cost-effective solution, ideally suited if you have a smaller amount to move and timing is not critical.

Looking for the right part load delivery company

Do you have Part loads to send? If you have been looking for the right transporter to do the job, you no longer have to search for companies, contact them, get the quotes, etc. Things have become much simpler these days with the advancement of technology. All you need to do is to register in the Anyvan delivery auction website. This is a website that is:

• Free to use.
• No obligations to accept bids.
• Saves on time and money every time
• Rated companies to choose from
The biggest advantage here is the price factor. Since it is delivery auction site, Part load removal companies will start bidding from the moment you put up your list. You can save up to 75% of the costwhen compared to the rest of the standard service providers. The best part is that you are under no obligation to accept bids and you can pick and choose the company that you want to go with. There are more than 9,000 transporters and courier services providers who are part of this network and they have vans that are carrying loads every day. So, you can easily send your part loads to any corner of Europe or even to foreign locations as well. Since most of these Part load removals companies are in any case transporting goods from one place to another, you can easily get them to move your items as well. Very often these vans are either running half empty or sometimes fully empty. This is a criminal waste of fuel and is a huge loss for the transport companies. Hence, these transporters have come together and are a part of the Anyvan network.

Since this is a delivery auction site, transporters are assured of getting business throughout the year and they don't have to go after clients to get business. They will be more than willing to take your part loads as they will get to earn some extra money on that trip. The vans are already heading in that direction in any case. So, if you have part loads that need to be picked up or dropped off along the same route, the companies don't have to put in any extra effort to do the same. The minute you post your list of requirements, you will start receiving multiple bids from various companies. So, just post your requirement online and wait for the bids to come in and then decide.


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