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We live in a modern world where getting to America is as easy as getting to Amersham. Getting around the world has never been easier or more convenient. Likewise doing business is no longer just about domestic business. Forward thinking companies trade across borders. Whether it's over on mainland Europe or as far away as South East Asia – doing business also now has no boundary. As a business when it comes to trading overseas you also need to have the capability to send your goods to your customers wherever in the world they may be. That can come at significant expense if you don't do it right. But if you utilise the services of a cost effective, experience international delivery service it doesn't have to break the bank. You want to reach your customers across the globe, but importantly you want to do it cost effectively. Cytex Express Couriers are experienced at delivering your goods to customers across the world. Whether by air, sea, road (or a combination of) we are able to tailor a solution to meet your specific requirements. Once we know how far and how fast you need your shipment sent we can put together a cost effective solution for you. This lets you continue to trade internationally and grow your business. With our experience we also make sure we help you through the process of clearing customs, which can be difficult and challenging for the uninitiated.

For over 50 years Cytex Express has been connecting businesses to the world with our international courier services. Our network and affiliates offer world-class international delivery services to and from more than 210 countries and territories worldwide. Whether you need your shipment to arrive at its destination overnight, or if standard international shipping will do, we have the right solution for you. Whether you're importing or exporting, we have a full range of services, including managed warehousing, sea and air freight, specialist customs clearance and distribution in-market to help you manage your supply chains.

Do you need your international item to reach its destination urgently? Cytex has a partnership with other international courier companies to take care of those time critical deliveries internationally. If you have an account with Cytex you can charge your service to this account. Make an international express booking now or alternatively if you do not have a Cytex account please contact us to make your booking. Cytex's online tracking service keeps you fully informed at every stage of the journey. And if your shipments require customs clearance, you know we'll look after every aspect and take all the hassle away.

Cytex Express Courier's international shipping services provide a flexible and comprehensive solution for any goods you need to send overseas, including excess baggage, commercial consignments, small parcels, documents and airmail. We are trusted by businesses and individuals to provide standard and tailored solutions which are cost effective, secure and reliable. Minimise your stress and risk by using Cytex Express Courier's expertise to plan and send your parcels, international shipping and freight. We offer a range of air freight and sea freight options and deliver to over 80,000 destinations throughout the world. Both individuals and businesses can enjoy the advantage of sending goods with our No Limits philosophy enabling us to send awkward, oversized, fragile or heavy items internationally. Cytex Express Courier can tailor a solution for any items you need to send. Our range of competitively priced international shipping parcel and freight delivery services, includes:
International Express Courier

You can Send your urgent parcels and documents worldwide with our efficient and affordable express courier services. Includes delivery to the door and track and trace ability for your peace of mind.

Air Freight
Fast and economical, our air freight services can be tailored to one-off deliveries of any size, through to ongoing regular service solutions for businesses requiring frequent delivery worldwide.

Sea Freight
Our economical sea freight services can ship full or part container loads of goods. An ideal option when time isn't a concern and may be the most affordable option for international moves.

Postage & Airmail
Send small parcels and documents worldwide via our air services. Perfect for low value gifts or samples, documentation and other small items you need to get to family or business associates overseas.

Relocations & Removals
Cytex Express Courier are logistics experts when it comes to moving. We can assist with the logistics of relocating as well as providing the best method of transportation, with specialised vehicles equipped to handle large and fragile items.

Sending to the USA
As a leading provider of courier services, Cytex Express Courier has the air freight capabilities to send your goods to the USA when other providers cannot.

Sending to the UK
Send commercial goods, excess baggage, gifts or anything imaginable. Cytex Express Courier have the courier and freight services to safely deliver your goods to the UK.

Sending to New Zealand
With numerous Cytex Express Courier locations throughout New Zealand, we have the capacity to ensure your goods have a fast and safe travel across the Tasman via air or sea freight.

Sending to Asia
Cytex Express Courier's extensive logistics and delivery capabilities means we can deliver your parcels and freight to locations throughout Asia.

Sending to Europe
No matter what you need to send, we have the air and sea transport capabilities to deliver your goods to numerous locations throughout Europe on time and at a competitive price.

At Cytex Express Courier your goods will be handled by a team of highly trained and experienced international shipping specialists. All our Cytex Express Courier Service Centres are trained air cargo security agents and can provide extensive advice on packaging, freight options and delivery solutions.

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